How to Get 100 Lawn Care Customers Fast

There is a big market for you to get lawn care customers in upper middle class neighborhoods. This complete guide will show you exactly what to do.
get 100 lawn care customers

There is a large market for you to get lawn care customers in upper middle class neighborhoods. Many homeowners may already have a company they contract with, but I can promise you that many are also dissatisfied with their current provider.

Here’s what lawn care customers want and how you can tap into it to gain clients very quickly.

First, understand the “buying considerations” for your target market.

Know Your Lawn Care Customers

best way to market lawn care businessMost businesses, not only lawn care business providers, overlook the first step in marketing: knowing your lawn care customers. This means thinking like they think so you truly know what they want to buy.

  • Many people in such neighborhoods entertain on the weekends. That means they want their lawn mowed on Thursday or Friday – no later than late afternoon on Fridays.
  • They will hire someone who guarantees lawns will be mowed on those two days (not counting rainy days) over someone who comes earlier in the week because their lawn won’t look as clean-cut by the weekend.
  • You can use the other days of the week to schedule landscaping work, like planting, clean up, fertilization, etc.
  • There is also a need for lawn fertilization, grub control, and weeding. Many companies provide these services but tend to focus only on the lawns and not the mulch beds. Weeding mulch beds and walk ways is a big need.
  • It’s very important to understand what these prospects are actually buying. It is NOT lawn care services. That’s just the means to get what they really want. What they are buying is this: a beautifully manicured lawn to enjoy with their family and friends.

So now, how do you tap into this lawn care market? It’s a very straight forward.

Best Way to Market Lawn Care Business

The lawn care customers who want your services and can afford them live in specific neighborhoods.

  1. Look on the map and scout out the upper middle class neighborhoods near you. In the suburbs of metro areas, there are a LOT of these types of neighborhoods.
  2. Print up flyers (see details below) and place it at every mailbox in those neighborhoods.
  3. When you get an email or call from a prospective lawn care customer, respond as fast as you possibly can.

Lawn Care Flyer Example

Creating and distributing a lawn care flyer is the fastest way to get 100 lawn care customers fast. Here is a lawn care flyer example that you can follow to create your own.

  1. Create a one-page color lawn care flyer that includes a few pictures of beautifully manicured lawns of nice houses – don’t use pictures of mansions. Use images of houses that are similar in size (and style if possible) to the neighborhoods you’re targeting.
  2. You can use templates from Canva for free, but use color printing on shiny paper for your flyers. It will look much more professional than your competitors.
  3. Color pictures enable them to visualize what their lawn can look like. Very few lawn care services use this approach (it’s always baffled me why they don’t do this). It’s the fastest way for them to perceive what working with you can be like. Example: look at the image at the top of this page. It’s free from and conveys in an instant what you can do for lawn care customers.
  4. Your headline can be something like “Get the Best Lawn Care for the Best House in the Neighborhood – Yours” or “We’ll Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful”. Catchy lines like this attract lawn care customers.
  5. On the flyer, list out the benefits:
    • We’ll mow your lawn on Thursday or Friday (unless it’s raining) so it looks beautiful for your weekend plans
    • We’ll pull the weeds out of your mulch beds, walkways and patios at least once a month
    • Need landscaping? Flower beds? Spring/fall clean-up? We’ve got you covered.

Then, include an easy to understand section on pricing. You could put 4 boxes on the bottom that contain something like this:

  • Lawn care questions: Free – Ask us anything about keeping your lawn looking beautiful!
  • Lawn mowing only: $30 per mow
  • Monthly weeding of mulch beds, walkways and patios: $40 per month
  • Spring/fall clean-up and landscaping: Call or Email for Quote

Successful Lawn Care Companies Always Do This

lawn care marketingThere’s a simple technique that lawn care business owners can borrow from other industries. It’s a sales tactic that has proven to be effective and is backed by research studies on increasing sales.

It’s your response time.

  • Put your phone and email at the bottom of the flyer.
  • BE SURE TO ANSWER VERY FAST when someone contacts you.
  • Get a Google voice number so you can get a text the moment someone leaves a voicemail.
  • Set up an email alert on your phone so you can see when someone reaches out to you by email.
  • Your response time is critical – I’m talking minutes, not half a day or the next day.
  • The #1 reason people lose sales for this type of service is that they don’t respond in a timely manner.
  • The people you’re prospecting are busy so if you get back to them within 5 minutes, you increase your chances of reaching them and closing the sale by over 20 times.

Get 100 Lawn Care Customers and Keep Them!

I mentioned earlier than many homeowners are unhappy with their current lawn care provider. It’s because they are unreliable or do sloppy work.

  • Always keep in mind what your clients are buying: it’s a beautiful lawn to share with family and friends. Your service is just a means for them to achieve what they want.
  • Show up on time as scheduled EVERY WEEK to do the work. If it’s raining, text or email every client to let them know you’ll come the following day due to the rain.
  • Communication is very important, otherwise they will perceive you to be unreliable. The moment that happens, any other lawn care provider can steal your business.
  • Neighbors will talk. So when you develop a reputation of reliability, you’ll start landing new lawn care customers and eventually have a large footprint in a neighborhood.

More Lawn Care Marketing Ideas

You can get more lawn care customers by tapping into online marketing, including social media, a website and Google.

  • Aside from the initial grass-roots tactics above, creating an online presence can help you expand and get 100 lawn care customers fast. Claim a Google Business Profile (it’s free at and optimize your profile with your hours, location, and other factors.
  • This will help your business get found on Google Maps. This is a HUGE opportunity. People search the term “lawn care <your city>” anywhere from 50-100 times each month. When your business listing shows up in that search, people contact you and you can get lawn care customers fast.
  • Happy customer = good chance of getting positive reviews. Ask them to review your listing on Google. New customers are attracted to companies with positive reviews.
  • Post lawn care tips on your website, Google Business Profile and in your social media profiles.

Using SEO to Land Lawn Care Customers

There’s a modern marketing tactic that savvy lawn care companies are using to get clients: search engine optimization.

Lawn care SEO can generate business almost out of thin air because it enables you to tap into the hundreds of people looking for lawn care services near your location on Google Maps.

It’s not rocket science. In fact, getting your lawn care business ranked well on Google is very achievable if you know what to do. We’ll tell you all the details in our free guide:

Lawn Care SEO and the Best Keywords for Lawn Care Companies

If you’d like one-on-one help to get 100 lawn care customers, set up a time to speak with us about our SEO Coaching.

You can also use our affordable SEO Courses to get customers for your lawn care business.

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