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5 Items to Put in Your Welcome Packet for New Clients

Providing a welcome packet for new clients will reassure them that they've made the right choice by hiring your company. Here are 5 items you should include in your welcome packet, including what you should say in your welcome letter.

Push vs. Pull Marketing & Push and Pull Strategy Tips

Here's the definition of push vs pull marketing, plus a strategy on when to use each one to get the best results from push and pull marketing.

Write a Winning Proposal! Business Proposal Writing & Examples

Your proposal serves as your representative to sell yourself to your potential client. Make sure it accomplishes your goal to land the job. Use these tips to make your proposals the best that it can be to help your business flourish.

Writing a Good Business Proposal: Tips for Writing a Business Proposal

Are you a business owner looking for ways to draft a proposal that will impress and win you your next job? Make sure your objectives are clear, do your research and keep these tips in mind to empower you on your next proposal draft!

How to Become Successful At Business Writing

Business and technical writing can be, in many ways, even more challenging than sales and other type of writing.

The Basics of Writing Ad Copy

Some small business owners make the mistake of underestimating the importance of ad copy on the overall success of their business. This mistake is huge, and can be the difference between success and failure.

Let Your Copy Do the Selling

Good sales copy should speak to customers. It needs to convince them that your business is the only one that can deliver the best product in the fastest time - and at the most reasonable rate.

Brochure Design Tips! Create a Well Designed Brochure

A brochure is a colorful and attractive method to draw attention to your small business. It provides much more information than a business card, and looks much more impressive than a sales letter.

Business Proposal (Commonly Misspelled Business Propsal) Follow-Up Tips

Following up with a potential client after submitting a proposal is a key step that should not be ignored. Doing it the right way can ensure that all of your client's needs and questions are addressed and that you land the project you want.

Business Proposals: Mistakes to Avoid

Creating a proposal can be an exciting endeavor that will bring about great profits and returns. Yet being negligent in details could put your proposal at risk for being quickly discarded. Make sure you don't make these common mistakes that could potentially cost you your next project.

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